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Faculty Research & Available Positions

Faculty Research Areas

  • Prabhani Atukorale: Immunoengineering; Immunotherapeutics; Novel nanomaterials; Tumor immunology; Tumor microenvironment; Synthetic tumor niches
  • Stacyann Bailey: Bone extracellular matrix quality; Biomechanics; Osteoporosis; Bone metastasis; Cancer-treatment related skeletal effects; Population health; and Fracture risk
  • Yu Chen: Optical imaging for neuroimaging, early cancer detection, transplant organ evaluation, and tissue engineering; optical coherence tomography (OCT); multi-photon microscopy (MPM); fluorescence molecular imaging (FMI); laminar optical tomography (LOT); and endoscopy
  • Chase Cornelison: Soft biomaterials; Neural tissue engineering; Interstitial fluid flow; Tumor microenvironment
  • Seth Donahue: Bioinspired Material Design; Bone Tissue Engineering; Comparative Biomechanics; Hibernation Physiology; Paleo-engineering and Biomechanics
  • Cathal Kearney: Biomaterials; Drug Delivery; Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering; On-Demand Delivery of Therapeutics
  • Siyuan Rao: Biotechnology and Neurobiological interfaces; neural modulation; neurophysics; nanomedicine; neuroelectronics; integrated neural probes

Currently available positions